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TOMAS NAJBRT, born in 1951, studied classical guitar and composing for six years at the Conservatory in Prague. He later studied lute, conducting, and church music at Hochschule für Kirchenmusik in Herford, Germany.

He soon chose the renaissance lute and theorbo as his favorite musical instruments for solo and ensemble performances. He has participated with well- known Czech ensembles who specialize in authentic interpretation of ancient music. In addition, he plays lute solos and guitar music.

Tomáš Najbrt has been active in the church as a church musician, composer, conductor and a director of choirs. For eight years he was the general Director of Music in the Evangelical Church of Czech Brethern. His songs are in church hymnals as well as songbooks for young people. Tomáš Najbrt also taught hymnology and music in the church.

In recent years Tomáš Najbrt has done research in the field of Czech and German church hymnology and folk songs. He has revived forgotten songs from ancient hymnals and sings them in his special interpretation accompanied by folk musical instruments such as the Czech medieval bagpipes, hurdy-gurdy, dulcimer, folk clarinet, cither, and of course lutes or baroque-guitar etc.

The lute-player, musician, hymnologist, and singer Tomáš Najbrt performs solo recitals and other concerts as well as performing with ensembles who specialize in music of the early baroque and renaissance period. Tomáš Najbrt has performed solo concerts in many countries in Europe, in the USA, and in Canada.

The Czech TV has done a special „musical portrait“ on his work. With ensembles and solo, Tomáš Najbrt has recorded CDs, as well as music for radio and TV. He has also recorded his own song album in the folk blues style.

Notes :
  • Theorbo
    • Theorbo - large 17th century lute with a double neck and two sets of strings
  • hurdy-gurdy
    • an early instrument shaped like a lute or viol but played by turning a crank attached to a rosined wheel that causes the strings to vibrate
  • dulcimer
    • a musical instrument with metal strings which are struck with two small hammers by the player